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About the BMFPD Auxiliary

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Connecting the community with the fire department


The BMFPD Auxiliary is as old as the Department itself, providing a venue for supportive neighbors to volunteer time and talent on a non-emergency basis. Through its fundraising and community education events, the Auxiliary brings residents of the community closer to the fire department.

The BMFPD Auxiliary is recognized among our area’s departments for its fundraising success, generating funds to support the Department’s mission. Funds raised are used by the department for important safety equipment. In the recent past, Auxiliary funds have furnished mobile radios to meet new Federal standards, "jaws of life" extrication equipment, defibrillators and other equipment to enhance response time and quality of service. The Auxiliary made a donation in the name of the BMF deparment to Fourmile Fire funds, and to Jamestown and Lefthand fire departments after their severe flood losses.

  • The fall Boulder Mountain Handmade Art, Craft, and Bake sale creates a venue for District and Boulder-area artists to show and sell, and calls upon traditional homemaker talents for crafting and baking. ( see: ). Over 50 fine artists and artisans are supported by a team of 50 volunteers who plan the sale, coordinate merchandising, manage publicity and marketing, and run the sale. They’re joined by 50 bakers and a host of crafters who donate works for the sale.

  • Community education and outreach includes the Fire Safety Sale, and Store  to help residents cost-effectively update the fire safety equipment in their homes, and learn their proper use. ( see: )
  • The New Residents Information Packet familiarizes new neighbors with important district resources and helps them plug into vital community forums and emergency information channels.

  • Provisioning for incidents and station support involves neighbors throughout the District who commit to providing vital food and beverage service to Emergency Responders during incidents and keeping the stations stocked with provisions for crews during maintenance, training or deployment at the stations. Having community volunteers provide this support means that all first responders are able to stay and work the incident, with nourishment brought to them onsite.

  • Recognition and hospitality. Volunteer organizations are social organizations, too. Part of the key to keeping motivated volunteers engaged year after year is recognition. The Auxiliary hosts the Department’s annual Awards Dinner, attended by 200 volunteers and family members.


To become involved with any of the Auxiliary’s current programs, or to offer your ideas for fire department community engagement, please be in touch!


Catherine Von Hatten, President