Important Notifications System

Welcome to Boulder Mountain Fire's Important Notifications System


Boulder Mountain Fire has created a new email notification system that is used to communicate emergency messages and important safety information.


This is a one-way notification system for BMFPD to communicate vital community safety information, not a discussion forum.


Subscribing to this service is voluntary, but you are strongly encouraged to sign up for the appropriate BMFPD Neighborhood Group. This service delivers email notifications to all of Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, and is not affiliated with any of the HOAs or neighborhood groups.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time (see instructions below).

By subscribing to one or more BMFPD Neighborhood Groups, we will be able to deliver important information related to Safety and Emergency conditions before, during, and after situations and incidents in the area.


Examples of "Important Safety Information"



  1. This service is not a substitute or replacement for Reverse-911 ‐‐ a service of The Boulder County Sherrif

  2. Notifications sent to you by this system are generated by authorized BMFPD Personnel ‐‐ on a best-efforts basis


The Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District is comprised of five Neighborhoods:


To receive notifications most relevant to where you live, subscribe to the BMFPD Neighborhood Group where you live


Steps to Subscribe to a BMFPD Neighborhood Group

  1. (Optional) Confirm your street name is included in the BMFPD Neighborhood by using the LOOKUP link (below)

    BMFPD Neighborhood Street Name Lookup Subscribe Link Google Group Name
    Pine Brook Hills LOOKUP SUBSCRIBE BMF_Notify.PBH
    Boulder Heights & Reed Ranch LOOKUP SUBSCRIBE BMF_Notify.BH
    Carriage Hills LOOKUP SUBSCRIBE BMF_Notify.CH
    Wagonwheel Gap LOOKUP SUBSCRIBE BMF_Notify.WWG
    Valley Lane & Rembrandt LOOKUP SUBSCRIBE BMF_Notify.VL
  2. Click the SUBSCRIBE link for the desired BMFPD Neighborhood(s) (above)
  3. Provide us with the email address you wish to use for BMFPD Important Notifications (and, optionally & confidentially, your name and phone preferred number)



LOOKUP: Streets in Pine Brook Hills


Acorn Lane

Alder Lane

Alpine Way

Arrowleaf Court

Balsam Lane

Beaver Way

Bristlecone Lane

Boulder View Lane

Cedar Brook Road (North)

Cedar Brook Road (South)

Fir Lane

Fountain Tree Lane

Hawk Lane

High View Drive (off Timber)

Linden Drive

Meadowlook Way

North Cedar Brook Road

Pine Brook Road

Pine Needle Road

Pine Tree Lane

Ridge Drive

South Cedar Brook Road

Sunshine Canyon Drive

Timber Lane

Valley View Lane

Wagner Cicrcle

Wildcat Lane

Wildhorse Circle

Wildwood Lane

LOOKUP: Streets in Boulder Heights & Reed Ranch


Antler Drive

Brook Circle

Brook Road

Canon View Road

Cliffhanger Drive

Crooked Spur Road

Cutter Lane

Deer Trail Circle

Deer Trail Road

Elk Ridge Lane

Falcon Crest

Forrest Lane

Glendale Gulch Road

Green Meadow Lane


High View Lane (off Brook)

Hillside Court

Lee Hill Drive

Lefthand Canyon Drive

Mine Lane

Nugget Drive

Overlook Lane

Palamino Lane

Peakview Circle

Peakview Road

Pineview Lane

Reed Ranch Road

Ridgeview Lane

Roxbury Drive

Sentinel Rock Lane

Silver Cloud Lane

Sky Trail Road

Spring Lane

Sunrise Lane

Tall Pine Lane

Valley Vista Lane

LOOKUP: Streets in Carriage Hills


Carriage Hills Drive

Surrey Ridge Road

West Coach Road

LOOKUP: Streets in Wagonwheel Gap


Bow Mountain Road

Lion Point Road

Pinto Drive

Wagonwheel Gap Road

LOOKUP: Streets in Valley Lane & Rembrandt


Valley Lane

Rembrandt Road