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In the aftermath of the Four Mile Canyon, it seems there are companies and individuals running around our district trying to sell different products and using scare tactics regarding air quality. This usually happens when there is a major event.
Please note that BMFPD does not and has not endorsed or sanctioned any outside agencies that may be going door-to-door.
If you have a someone come to your door, please make sure that you do due diligence and check out the companies before signing any contracts or letting anyone do any work. A good way to check is to have agency representatives give you a list of references or check with the better business bureau.
Please be aware of anyone coming to your door and ask for money. These individuals are usually scam artists and will not hesitate to take any money they can. BMFPD does not actively do door-to-door solicitations.
If you have someone come to your door, ask for credentials and then if needed call the Boulder County Sheriffs Office to report such incidents.