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Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment

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Anyone involved in providing emergency medical services will eventually encounter a situation where final directives or Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment aren’t available.

We end up trying to save people who didn’t want to have resuscitation or extraordinary measures taken.

Please, if this could apply to you, take the following steps:

  1. If you have an existing Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order, make sure it is on the refrigerator now and your family knows to show it to us
  2. Because medical conditions are complex, a more thorough and accurate technique is described here. Download the MOST form here
  3. Discuss your desires and condition with your physician or physician assistant, make your choices, and get their signature and yours on the form
  4. Print several copies of the form on Vulcan Green or Terra Green paper, if you can find it. This stands out unmistakably, and is still legible. It looks like this
  5. While these colors have been standardized so emergency crews in Colorado know what to look for, if you can’t find the colored paper or finding it is too much of a hassle, plain-paper copies are fine
  6. Put a copy on the refrigerator so we and the ambulance crew can find it. We’ll obey a written directive like this, but we cannot obey verbal directives from other people, and you may not be in condition to give verbal directives
  7. Make sure the people in your house know to point it out to us if we seem to be overlooking it
  8. Make sure the people in your house know to send a copy of the MOST form along with you wherever you go: doctor’s office, Emergency Room, hospital, nursing home, hospice. If they don’t get it into the ambulance with you, they can bring it in, but a copy should be with you

When you or your family call us, we will do what we are trained to do: everything we can to save you.

If that is not what you want, PLEASE make sure we get this form so we know what you and your physician have decided on.