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Tender 4343 Replacement

Earl Perry's picture

Happy Holidays from Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District!

Chief Benson thought you might be interested in the construction progress for the department’s new “tender” – the replacement engine for our soon-to-be-retired 1983 Ford Tender #4343.

The new tender, which will carry 2,000 gallons of water and features 4-wheel drive to safely navigate our mountain roads, is being built to our specifications by Pierce Manufacturing out of their Bradenton Florida manufacturing facility.

We expect delivery late this winter for road testing before being placed in service.  At that point, our old #4343 will be sold, probably to a “flat land” fire department.

Attached please find three pictures showing the work in progress.  We’ll keep you posted as the tender takes shape!  These are your tax dollars at work for the protection of our District.


(signed)  Earl Perry, BMFPD Public Information Officer

                  Bob Loveman, BMFPD Treasurer

boulder_mountain_fpd_tender_12-19-15a.pdf281.9 KB
boulder_mountain_fpd_tender_12-19-15b.pdf167.83 KB
boulder_mountain_fpd_tender_12-19-15c.pdf230.96 KB