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BMFD Mitigation Committee Meeting

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BMFPD Mitigation Committee Meeting Agenda


Wed, Feb 17th  2016 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Station 1, 1905 Linden Drive

Public Welcome!



1.   Call to Order and Roll call

2.   Additions or deletions from agenda

3.   MIT program update ( Mike Palamara)

a.      Review customer survey results

b.      Grant status and projections

c.      Review current rate charges for 2016 (board interest item)

d.      Review Seasonal crew hiring progress – hiring plan vs estimated income for 2016

e.      Part time employee rules (# of hours, benefits, legal issues, etc.)

f.       Equipment status (trucks, chipper, saws, etc)

g.      Review of systems that support the MIT business --what's working well, what might still need some tweaking.

4.   Top priorities/ expectations going forward


5.   Adjournment

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