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Fire Safety Sale, New Resident Orientation rescheduled for June 11 & 12

Ann Blonston for the BMFPD Auxiliary's picture

In anticipation of a spring storm, Chief Benson rescheduled the Fire Safety Sale to June.

On June 11, the sale will be held at the Boulder Heights Station from 10-4.

On June 12, it will move to Pine Brook Hills Station, same hours.

Education sessions are scheduled for both days.

The New Resident Orientation, hosted by Auxiliary and conducted by Chief Benson, will be on Sunday, June 12 at 1 pm at the Pine Brook Hills Station at 1905 Linden Dr. The New Resident Orientation is open to any district newcomer, whether a new owner or a renter in our district.

Read more about the schedule of events.

The Fire Safety Store, on this site, is open 24/7 between now and the sale in June.