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GEAR needed for Forest Health and Safety

Robert  Loveman's picture

Several years ago we posted a list of equipment items for BMFPD that would enhance our ability to protect the District and better serve our residents, but were beyond our normal budget.  Thanks to the generosity of many residents, we were able to purchase these items.

This year, our Emergency Response Team (also known as the Mitigation Crew) has been incredibly busy, and in the process finds the need to replace some of their equipment (saws, pruners, blowers, trimmers, and related supplies).

Chief Benson explains the program -- Click HERE to read it -- and find the link to the list of equipment.


Then take a look at the items needed – if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to BMFPD to purchase any of these items, follow the instructions to the link to donate.  Individual item costs range from about $83 to $880, with a variety of options in between.

Thanks for your consideration and support.


Robert B. Loveman

BMFPD Communications Committee