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End-Of-Year Tax-Deductible Contributions

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BMFPD District Residents:

I’m writing this message from Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District and with the approval of Chief John Benson.  A number of residents inquire at this time of year about how they might donate to the Fire Department.  Please note that we are NOT actively soliciting donations – we are most grateful to all District residents for all your support via real estate property tax payments and involvement in the Auxiliary’s various fund-raising events.

Most of you know all too well that Boulder County reassessed our home properties, impacting the 2018-19 real estate tax bills.  Offsetting the increased valuations was a reduction (by the state via something called the “Gallagher Amendment”) in the percentage used to calculate the base against which government entity millage charges are applied.  In simple English, while our District homes’ assessed values went up, the multiplier factor went down.  As a result, BMFPD will receive in 2019 about 1% LESS tax revenue than in 2018.

See: for more information on Gallagher calculations, but BMFPD will not be crippled.

That said…

Donations have been a critical factor in keeping BMFPD well equipped and well trained as we provide response to nearly over 150 calls each year (wildfire, structure fire, alarms, gas leaks, and medical calls).

Three ways to donate (tax deductible) to Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District:

As always, Chief Benson, your BMFPD Board, and all the 130+ department volunteers thank you for your support. 

Have a safe holiday season!  Our Tax I.D. = 87-0731940.  We are a 170(c)1 tax exempt municipal organization under IRS Regulations.

Robert B. Loveman

President, & Communications Committee, BMFPD

Boulder:  303 926-0204


John Benson
Fire Chief 
Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District
1905 Linden Drive Boulder, CO 80304