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Fire on Deer Trail... Beware, Green Does Not Equal Safe

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On June 22, 2010 the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District was paged to a small wildland fire on Deer Trail Circle at 1449 hours, upon arrival BMFPD, found a small 10 X 10 area of burned grasses and trees. The fire was initially extinguished by the homeowner on scene.

The fire was called contained at 1522 hours with no active fire remaining.

BMFPD engines and hand crews finished mopping up the fire, and checked for additional embers and hot spots that may have escaped the initial fire area. At that time no additional problems were found.

BMFPD crews were assisted by the Boulder Rural Fire Protection District.

All units were clear at 1612, with a 24 hour check to be performed by BMFPD.

Although the grasses and trees may look lush and green, please do not be fooled by appearance. The members on scene were amazed at how fast the trees and grasses ignited. BMFPD asks everyone in the District to be vigilant during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. If you see smoke, do not hesitate to DIAL 911. Our crews are ready to respond at a moments notice and would rather catch a wild land fire when it is small, rather than waiting for a fire to rage out of control.