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Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District is located to the northwest of Boulder, Colorado. The volunteer fire department responds to structure fires, wildland fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents and other community disasters. This web site is provided by the fire department as both a source of community information about the fire district and as a means of communicating vital information to volunteer firefighters and medical responders.

Maxwell Fire Update (Lefthand Canyon)

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For Immediate Release, June 29, 2011

John Benson, Fire Chief Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District

BMFPD remains on high alert regarding the Lefthand Fire, which started Sunday evening. Per BMFPD officials citizens within the initial evacuation area are advised to stay vigilant and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.  BMFPD, Sunshine Fire, Boulder Rural Fire, Lefthand Fire and City of Boulder provided Structure Protections for homes along the northern edge of BMFPD's District, which included Peakview Road, Reed Ranch and Rembrandt.  Crews will continue to work the Maxwell fire. 

With the advancing 4th of July holiday weekend coming up, BMFPD will be conducting patrols throughout the weekend, temperatures will be hot, with little or no precipitation expected. If you see smoke we ask that you dial 911 immediately, so that we can have our crews respond quickly. 

If you have any questions please call 303-440-0235.

Small Wildland Fire Contained in Boulder Heights

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For Immediate Release, June 14, 2011

John Benson, Fire Chief Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District

On June 14th The Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District received a page for a small wildland fire at 1163 Deer Trail Road at 1:43. Initial units arriving on scene found heavy smoke, erratic winds and fire burning behind the residence, in grasses, downed logs and standing trees

Joesph Bruzga, an occupant of the residence, used a garden hose to keep the fire from spreading, until fire department engines arrived on scene.

Arriving units from the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, Boulder Rural Fire Protection District, Lefthand Fire Protection District, Colorado State Forest Service, and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office quickly established water supply and handlines to control the fire. By 2:22 PM the fire had been contained and was in mop-up mode.

The fire was contained to 1/20th of an acre.

The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

Garage Sale Update

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(This is a message from Babette and Art Markey of the BMFPD Auxiliary)

I want to thank each of you for your help in making the 2011 Garage Sale such a huge success. How huge? As they say on the newscast teasers “stay tuned”. The annual Garage Sale is extremely important for the Auxiliary in its support of the Fire Protection District.

As always, 2011 Garage Sale was a superb example of lots of good people working together in a great cause. It was great for me to work again (after missing most of last year) with my “old” garage sale friends as well as folks who volunteered this year for the first time. Also, it was fantastic to see so many folks who are new to the community jump in with both feet on helping with this major fund-raiser for our volunteer fire department. A special thanks to the folks who don’t even live in our fire district yet came to help and worked hard on the sale. The terrific turnout in support from fire fighters and third arm was also invaluable.

Now a brief summary of where we are at this moment: gross income to date $16,720 plus $801 still to come for the Sea-Doo =$17,521. That’s a new record by itself. And we still have some jewelry, artwork, and clothes out on consignment plus a few items we held back to sell on EBay. So we have a shot at hitting $18,000!!!!!!!! That would be stupendous. Everyone of you, reach around and give yourself a pat on the back since I can’t do it in person.

Big thank you's to those of you who donated, to you who shopped and an especially big thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.

Remember, it’s never too early to start thinking about your donations for the 2012 Garage Sale.

Many thanks for all the hard work,

Babette (and Art) Markey

(For those of you with long memories, that’s Aunt Tique and Uncle Junk)

High fire danger has BMFPD members worried

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Due to extremely low moisture levels, coupled with high winds and low relative humidity, BMFPD members are worried about what this year’s fire season is going to look like. Our members have already responded to 4 fires with in the  last month, and the trend does not look very good for the upcoming months. The normal weather pattern, which includes monsoonal flows, does not appear to be forming as we had hoped. This means that the fire danger is only going to increase.

Human caused fires seem to be on the rise. I don’t understand why when we see on the news almost every day of big fire breaking out somewhere in Colorado. In one year alone BMFPD firefighters have responded to 3 fires caused by discarded ashes in our dry grasses. The latest fire was on April 2, 2011 at 302 Pine Needle Road in Pine Brook Hills. Incident Commander Paul Mundinger arrived on scene to report an actual fire burning in the Pine Needle Road area of lower Pine Brook Hills. Paul quickly reported to dispatch on the size, location and direction of fire travel. Paul immediately called for the availability of a SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) and the evacuation of Pine Needle Road.

Mountain Expressions 2010 a huge success

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The Mountain Expressions sale, held in November, raised a record-breaking amount for the Fire District.


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In the aftermath of the Four Mile Canyon, it seems there are companies and individuals running around our district trying to sell different products and using scare tactics regarding air quality. This usually happens when there is a major event.
Please note that BMFPD does not and has not endorsed or sanctioned any outside agencies that may be going door-to-door.

Fourmile Canyon Fire

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On the morning of September 6, 2010 the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District was put on alert to defend our communities from a raging fire and plume of smoke that began in Fourmile Canyon. Evacuations were ordered shortly afterward and the Firefighters, Third Arm and Auxiliary spent the next seven days working around the clock until the fire was fully contained. 

Fire on Deer Trail... Beware, Green Does Not Equal Safe

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On June 22, 2010 the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District was paged to a small wildland fire on Deer Trail Circle at 1449 hours, upon arrival BMFPD, found a small 10 X 10 area of burned grasses and trees. The fire was initially extinguished by the homeowner on scene.

The fire was called contained at 1522 hours with no active fire remaining.

County and city public safety agencies launch new emergency alert system

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Public safety agencies in Boulder County are pleased to announce the launch of a new emergency notification system. This system, available immediately, will allow residents of the county and all cities within Boulder County to be notified of an emergency situation in a variety of ways, including on their cell phones, home and work phones, and by text messaging and e-mail.

BMF website new look-and-feel

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Welcome to the new look-and-feel of the Boulder Mountain website. We hope you like the change. We're still working out a couple of kinks in the website, but we've just completed a major overhaul, bringing the website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Please let us know if anything's not working, or if you have any suggestions on what we might change.


the Webmaster

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