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Fourmile Canyon Fire

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On the morning of September 6, 2010 the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District was put on alert to defend our communities from a raging fire and plume of smoke that began in Fourmile Canyon. Evacuations were ordered shortly afterward and the Firefighters, Third Arm and Auxiliary spent the next seven days working around the clock until the fire was fully contained. 

Fire on Deer Trail... Beware, Green Does Not Equal Safe

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On June 22, 2010 the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District was paged to a small wildland fire on Deer Trail Circle at 1449 hours, upon arrival BMFPD, found a small 10 X 10 area of burned grasses and trees. The fire was initially extinguished by the homeowner on scene.

The fire was called contained at 1522 hours with no active fire remaining.

County and city public safety agencies launch new emergency alert system

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Public safety agencies in Boulder County are pleased to announce the launch of a new emergency notification system. This system, available immediately, will allow residents of the county and all cities within Boulder County to be notified of an emergency situation in a variety of ways, including on their cell phones, home and work phones, and by text messaging and e-mail.

BMF website new look-and-feel

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Welcome to the new look-and-feel of the Boulder Mountain website. We hope you like the change. We're still working out a couple of kinks in the website, but we've just completed a major overhaul, bringing the website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Please let us know if anything's not working, or if you have any suggestions on what we might change.


the Webmaster

Evacuation information updated

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Please check out the updated evacuation information page here. You'll find maps and helpful tips on how to prepare NOW for that evacuation.

2 Alarm Structure Fire

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This morning firefighters from Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District (BMFPD) responded to the report of a structure on fire in the 100 block of Pineview Lane at approximately 3:00 a.m. Members from Boulder Rural Fire Department also responded to assist BMFPD with the blaze.

Upon arrival firefighters found flames on the ceiling which were brought under control using a fire extinguisher. Portions of the ceiling and roof had to be removed as the fire was spreading into those areas as well. The fire was contained to the living room, ceiling and roof of the immediate area.

Incident Commander and BMFPD Assistant Chief stated "the timeliness of the response is to be noted as our department is made up of volunteers who have other jobs. Their diligence and fast action was a major factor in the success of this incident and outcome. We also thank Boulder Rural Fire Department for their assistance with this incident."

Approximately twenty firefighters from both agencies were on hand during the incident and no injuries were reported. The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

Olde Stage Fire - Note from the Chief

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Our firefighters worked hard and safely to help extinguish the Olde Stage Fire, which threatened our homes and the neighborhood. Many residents and well-wishers have thanked us, and asked how they can help our department. The easiest way to help is to donate money. Our trucks, equipment and extensive training are all expensive. We’ve recently added a donate button to our home page to make donating even easier than before. Simply click on this button, and you can safely and securely make a donation, directly from our website. Your donation may help to reduce your tax burden, as we are non-profit. Notes of appreciation and encouragement are welcome and will be distributed to our firefighters.

If you’d like to donate more than $1000 or don’t wish to use the online system, please send a check payable to Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District to: 1905 Linden Drive, Boulder, CO 80304.

Please thank a firefighter when you see them.

- Chief John Benson, BMFPD


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Who ya gonna call? Beetlebusters

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