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Photos of our firefighters

Wendy Acheson's picture
Wendy Acheson
Tess Adams's picture
Tess Adams
Greg Anderson's picture
Greg Anderson IC, Captain (Special Operations)
Kirk Bach's picture
Kirk Bach IC
Anne Bekoff's picture
Anne Bekoff
John Benson's picture
John Benson IC, Chief
Jon Berdahl's picture
Jon Berdahl
Grant Blue's picture
Grant Blue IC
Andrew Boersma's picture
Andrew Boersma ERT Crew Boss
Matthew Bolitho's picture
Matthew Bolitho
Rob Bozeman's picture
Rob Bozeman Wildland Group, ISO Compliance
Ralph Burns's picture
Ralph Burns
Andrew Churnside's picture
Andrew Churnside IC, Structure Group Coordinator
Wyncia Clute's picture
Wyncia Clute
Andrew Colfelt's picture
Andrew Colfelt Director of IT, Webmaster, Call Response
Joyce Colson's picture
Joyce Colson
John Covele's picture
John Covele IC, Captain (Operations)
Bob de Haas's picture
Bob de Haas IC
Terry Donovan's picture
Terry Donovan Deputy PIO
Mason Eastwood's picture
Mason Eastwood ERT
Stacey Elder's picture
Stacey Elder
Tim Farrell's picture
Tim Farrell IC, Training Captain, PPE, SCBA, Truck Manager (4303)
Landon Fuller's picture
Landon Fuller
Janet Gibson's picture
Janet Gibson
David Glasser's picture
David Glasser Planning
Nina Griffin's picture
Nina Griffin IC
Wade Griffith's picture
Wade Griffith
Brooke Harrison's picture
Brooke Harrison
Don Hassler's picture
Don Hassler Truck Manager (4342)
Signe Hawley's picture
Signe Hawley
Ryan Hay's picture
Ryan Hay
Michael Head's picture
Michael Head IC, Captain (Medical)
Alice Henriques's picture
Alice Henriques
Larry Howl's picture
Larry Howl
Greg Huckabee's picture
Greg Huckabee IC, Captain (Logistics)
Mike Hupka's picture
Mike Hupka
Kenny Johnson's picture
Kenny Johnson Apparatus Readiness, Station Manager (Station #2), Truck Manager (4322)
Jake Johnson's picture
Jake Johnson
Kristen Johnstone's picture
Kristen Johnstone
David Kabal's picture
David Kabal
Lynn Kimball's picture
Lynn Kimball Volunteer Coordinator
Scott Kohla's picture
Scott Kohla IC
Mitch Lamboeuf's picture
Mitch Lamboeuf ERT
Heather Leja's picture
Heather Leja
Gail Loveman's picture
Gail Loveman
Robert  Loveman's picture
Robert Loveman Board of Directors ( District 6 )
Carl Loven's picture
Carl Loven Truck Manager (4343)
Zack Lynn's picture
Zack Lynn ERT
Cindie Baker Maita's picture
Cindie Baker Maita Deputy PIO
Dee Marlin's picture
Dee Marlin
Thomas Marsh's picture
Thomas Marsh
Eric May's picture
Eric May
Pippa May's picture
Pippa May
Marcia McHaffie's picture
Marcia McHaffie Board of Directors ( District 2 )
Matt McHaffie's picture
Matt McHaffie IC
Jan Mitchell's picture
Jan Mitchell
Paul Mundinger's picture
Paul Mundinger IC, Truck Manager (4301)
Dennis Myers's picture
Dennis Myers
Helen Norton's picture
Helen Norton Truck Manager (4322)
Patrick O'Malley's picture
Patrick O'Malley
Bob Olliver's picture
Bob Olliver IC, Assistant Chief
Mike Palamara's picture
Mike Palamara IC, ERT Coordinator, Mitigation Crew Leader
Cindy Pendleton's picture
Cindy Pendleton Mobilization Coordinator
Earl Perry's picture
Earl Perry Emergency Management, PIO, Water Supply
Rob Quinn's picture
Rob Quinn
Eric Ramberg's picture
Eric Ramberg 4300 Manager
Kathy Ramberg's picture
Kathy Ramberg 4300 Manager
Anthony Ramirez's picture
Anthony Ramirez
Shawn Roberts's picture
Shawn Roberts Apparatus Director, Truck Manager (4341)
Marla Saville's picture
Marla Saville PET Coordinator
Allen Saville's picture
Allen Saville IC, Rookie Coordinator, Deputy PIO
Colin Schaffer's picture
Colin Schaffer Truck Manager (4332)
Dave Sherrington's picture
Dave Sherrington
Cheryl Sherrington's picture
Cheryl Sherrington
Param Singh's picture
Param Singh Pension, Third Arm Liaison
Stacy Wade's picture
Stacy Wade Truck Manager (4302)
Richard Waters's picture
Richard Waters Communications, Truck Manager (4321)
Amy Westfeldt's picture
Amy Westfeldt
Timothy Wilfong's picture
Timothy Wilfong Board of Directors ( District 3 )
Steve Zalk's picture
Steve Zalk