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The GEAR List

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What is the GEAR List?

The GEAR List was created in 2012 as a way for individuals who wish to donate money to BMFPD to select a particular piece of equipment to fund. GEAR List items comprise equipment BMFPD has identified as useful for improving emergency response for residents and our ability to provide increased levels of mitigation (tree removal/trimming, creation of defensible spaces, etc.). Rest assured that BMFPD already has all the equipment necessary to protect and serve the District. Having GEAR List items would help our volunteers provide enhanced emergency response and mitigation services. For example, BMFPD has increased the size of its mitigation crew in order to meet the growing requests for services from residents. 


How do I contribute to the GEAR List?

First, select an item (or two or three) from the GEAR List that you would like to help BMFPD procure. For items costing up to $1,000, we ask that donors contribute the full amount needed for Boulder Mountain Fire to purchase the equipment. In addition, please check to see if you can make your donation go further by taking advantage of matching gifts from organizations with which you’re affiliated.  

 Click here to look at the GEAR List

Next, let us know the item you’re funding and how much you’d like to donate. Make your check out to Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, and drop it off at or mail it to the Pine Brook Hills fire station (Attn: Chief John Benson, 1905 Linden Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80304). Enclose a note or write in the check memo line to indicate the item you’re funding.

Alternately, donate via PayPal or with a credit card, then send an email to Chief John Benson ( noting your contribution amount, the item you’d like to fund, and your contact information so that we can send you an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. (Note: For larger donations, checks are preferred because BMFPD incurs significant fees for donations given through PayPal and credit cards.) Also note that we are able to receive donations of appreciated stock (contact Bob Loveman at 303-926-0204 or for more details on stock donations).


How will I know when you have purchased the equipment?  

We’d like to thank and recognize those who help us purchase GEAR List items by taking their photo with the item and posting it in our Pine Brook Hills and Boulder Heights fire stations and on the Department’s website, To that end, we’ll let you know when we have the gear you purchased and arrange a photo shoot. Of course, if you wish to donate to the Department anonymously, we’ll honor your request.


What else do I need to know?

As with all contributions to BMFPD, funds directed toward the purchase of items from the GEAR List are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter from the District acknowledging your contribution.


Download a PDF of GEAR List items here


All of the staff, volunteers, and residents of Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District thank you for your support!


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